Current Prices (May 2014)
Baffle Baffle + compression driver Baffle + all drivers Baffle + drivers + crossover (active or passive) All parts - adds polyurethane side panels and MDF/CLD back panel Fully assembled tested and unfinished Fully assembled tested and finished
NS15 na na na na na na na
NA12 na na na na na na na
Abbey na na na na na na na
12" PR Sub na na na na na na na
12" closed box sub na na na na na na na
Please note that prices are per speaker, in US$ and exclude shipping and handling charges
"Baffle" includes constrained layer damped baffle with resin cast waveguide, compression driver mounting plate and custom fit foam plug. A set of cabinet drawings and a schematic are included. It is recommended that the front baffle edges be routed after assembly of the enclosure. This requires a router and a 3/4 to 1-1/4 bit depending on model and builders ability. The larger the radius the better, however, the Abbey is limited to 1-1/4". The larger radii will usually require a shaper as a router cannot handle these larger bits.
"Drivers" are the drivers appropriate for the design.
"Crossover" contains all electronic parts or a preprogrammed DSP box for active filter usage, but does not include a CLD back panel.
Packing for shipping and shipping costs are extra and vary with shipping location.
Black, white and red in a flat finish are standard.
A fully refundable deposit of 1/2 total purchase must be made to get in the delivery queue, which also secures the price - please use and make payment to account - Deposit is not fully refundable once the order build has been started.
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